Thanks to years of experience, a personal approach and the skill of operational planning and solving different situations, we can guarantee fast request processing and a high level of services provided. The RKL team currently totals more than 120 employees whose professional approach guarantees the quality of our services.

The professional level of our staff is ensured by regular training, education and years of experience.

NON STOP availability and the ability to communicate in several languages are standard requirements for us.

Thanks to perfectly coordinated activities, we provide transportation in JUST IN TIME mode.

To meet the needs of our business partners at the best price and within the required timeframe and standards of quality, we complete consignments directly on the premises of the company, so they are transported to the recipients without further transhipments.

An important part of our services is the provision of transportation of high-value shipments from the EU to countries in Europe and Asia.Due to the transport-associated risk, which is still high for shipments to Asian countries, and in order to minimize the risk of theft, all vehicles are equipped not only with GPS satellite system, but also with Dynafleet online transport information system.We also use electronic security systems for box vehicles and a special closing system for the cargo space door.