Distribution of Unit Shipments

Why choose us?

  • For three years now we have been offering unit shipments for dozens of companies in the Opava region. 
  • We provide daily collection of parcels and packages
  • We allow concurrent collection of parcels and packages
  • Complimentary installation of RKL Opava’s ordering software
  • We deliver in 24 hours within CZ and SK, Europe - according to various destinations
  • On-line order entry
  • On-line shipment tracking
  • We guarantee professional approach and reliability of all employees of RKL Opava unit shipment

We offering

Collection and transportation of parcel shipments

  • 1 piece = 1 consignment
  • Max. weight of 50kg
  • Dimensions:2x height + 2x width + length < 3m
  • max. width 80 cm, max. height 60 cm, max. length 200 cm
  • corporate packages, B2C packages (to private addresses)
  • paid services:cash on delivery, telephone notification, guaranteed shipment

Collection and transportation of package shipments

  • Total weight per shipment per addressee up to 2,500 kg
  • maximum weight of one piece:up to 1200 kg, max. height 2.20 m, max. width 1.5 m, max. length 3 m
  • CBM volume conversion:1 m3 = 250 kg (shipment width x length x height) x 250 kg
  • paid services:cash on delivery, telephone notification


Upon receipt of the shipment it must be properly checked and in the event of external damage the customer has to register the condition with the driver on the delivery document and confirm the receipt of the item(s).To effect a claim use the enclosed complaint form.


sales department

Ing. et Bc. Černík Ondřej, DiS. Head of sales department | obchod@rkl.cz | 553 687 165, 702 261 532

Comprehensive Transport and Logistics Services

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Quality System & Certificates

Quality System & Certificates

To be able to offer first class products, quality control is of paramount importance to us. We started with product quality management according to ISO 9001:2008 and we have extended it to the SQAS certification system. More...

Maximum efficiency

Maximum efficiency

The corporate structure and distribution corresponds exactly to specific logistics processes and creates a good overview of the departments. More...

Speed & Reliability

Speed & Reliability

Through years of experience, personal approach and the skill of operational planning and solving situations, we guarantee fast request processing and a high level of services provided. More...

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