Why choose us?

  • For providing transportation we have our own fleet of 42 trucks
  • We utilize an extensive network of proven contract carriers
  • We continuously monitor the movement of vehicles via GPS
  • We have long specialized in road transport of both full-load and part-load consignments
  • All our vehicles meet the EURO 4 and 5 environmental standards
  • We guarantee timely delivery and guaranteed delivery dates
  • Carrier liability insurance derives from the CMR Convention; in the case of transportation of high value goods we provide up to the desired value for additionally insured shipments
  • Our strongest destinations include countries in Central and Western Europe, Italy, Scandinavia and the former Soviet Union states 

We offering

  • National transport
  • International transport within the EU and the rest of the world
  • Transport to Russia and all former CIS states
  • Oversized transport
  • Transport of dangerous goods according to ADR
  • Transport of goods with temperature control from - 25 to + 25 °C
  • Transport of goods with two temperature control requirements on a single trailer
  • Transport of goods with temperature control from - 25 to + 25 °C by double deck trailers

Existing fleet:

  • Vans and delivery trucks and temperature-controlled vehicles
  • Articulated tilt trailer sets
  • Articulated MEGA tilt trailer sets with arrangement for oversized transport
  • Tilt tandem and trailer sets
  • Articulated vehicle sets with controlled temperature and anti-theft design
  • FRIGO MEGA articulated vehicle sets with controlled temperature and anti-theft design
  • Trailer and tandem sets FRIGO + ISO
  • Double deck articulated FRIGO MEGA sets with temperature control


sales department

Ing. et Bc. Černík Ondřej, DiS. Head of sales department | | 553 687 165, 702 261 532

Comprehensive Transport and Logistics Services

RKL Opava, spol. s r.o.

Quality System & Certificates

Quality System & Certificates

To be able to offer first class products, quality control is of paramount importance to us. We started with product quality management according to ISO 9001:2008 and we have extended it to the SQAS certification system. More...

Maximum efficiency

Maximum efficiency

The corporate structure and distribution corresponds exactly to specific logistics processes and creates a good overview of the departments. More...

Speed & Reliability

Speed & Reliability

Through years of experience, personal approach and the skill of operational planning and solving situations, we guarantee fast request processing and a high level of services provided. More...

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